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Ah! After four months, I have finally gotton around to posting the results of my sensless survey...

And here they are:

Well, first, before the results, I would like to thank everyone who actually took my sensless survey, and I would like to thank everyone that came to my page, and I would like to thank Tripod who made all of this possible, and I would like to thank everyone in the whole world, and I would like to thank all the aliens in outer space, and I would like to thank all of you, for putting up with my warped sense of humor, by not scrolling through this entire section, or hitting the close box, while I babble on and on about absolutly nothing, just to bother people, since I love to bother people for no good reason, so, well, thanks again.

Well, on to the results (finally)

Here were the questions:

Do you approve of cloning?
Do you like white bread better than wheat?
Do you like reptiles?

And the results:

35% approved of cloning
40% dissapproved of cloning
25% were undecided

60% like white bread better than wheat (I know I do. White bread is good!)
40% don't like white bread better than wheat.

55% like reptiles (Yuck! Being a typical sissy, I am very scared of snakes)
20% do not like reptiles
25% are undecided

Well, thanks to all of you (again).

Well... Hmmm... What now??? OH!!! I know!!! Why don't you take my new Sensless Survey (and I promise, it's as pointless and worthless as this one was.)

Or... If you have already taken my survey, or for some strange, unknown reason, do not wish to take it, how about going back to my home page? I have done some "renovating," so it may be a little cooler than it was last time you were there. :)

Well, thank you to all that visited my page. I hope to see you all again soon!!!

people have been here. And just think! You are one of them! Pretty cool, huh?