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Warning! This site isn't really finished, so as-is, it's kinda confusing. You should probably try your luck here again later. (you can visit this site, but it's not complete).
The Color Kids' Pictuere

Welcome, everyone! I hope you enjoy meeting the color kids!

Which of the color kids do you most resemble? Don't you know? Well, if don't then you have to meet them all.

Red Butler
LaLa Orange
Canary Yellow
Patty O'Green
Buddy Blue
Shy violet
And though she isn't really a color kid....

Red ButlerOkay, this is Red Butler. Red Butler can be described as dashing, daring, and smooth talking (though arrogent also falls in with those...). He is always in search of new adventures. I guess Red Butler would kinda be like James Bond/ Rhett Butler.

Canary Yellow is very sweet. She is always cheerful and optimistic, in even the most grim circumstances. Canary Yellow likes to make everyone smile. She is very much like any sweet child.

LaLa OrangeLaLa is frilly and flirtatious. She knows just what she wants, and usually gets it. She speaks French, and likes an occational practical joke (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, and she always apologizes for it afterwards). LaLa has a huge crush on Red Butler. LaLa would kind of be like Scarlet O'Hara (ooh, that doesn't seem right. Does anyone have a better comparison?)

Patty O'Green

people have met the color kids