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I am a very colorful person, with many interests and ideas.

Tons about me, Amber.

I was born on April 11, 1983. I lived the first seven years of my life in a town called Kirkwood. Then I moved to Philadelphia, PA. Eventually I moved back to St. Louis, (Kirkwood is in St. Louis County). I went to a small school with 16 kids in my class. I showed a real apptitude in math. I was in a math group by myself, and in fourth grade I won fourth place in a regional math contest. Then middle school rolled around. I now go to an all girl school. I like it better than co-ed, because one does not need to be as self concious. In seventh grade, in a math contest, our team placed 2nd, and I placed seventh individual (as you can tell, I'm empasizing my math skills). I'm not the most popular person in my class, but I do have a nice size group of friends. Right now, My life is going through a few changes. My have been divorced since I was in the fifth grade. My dad lived in St. Louis, but now a promotion is taking him to Chicago. Also, my grandfather who had just survived a massive heart attack, has now been diagnosed with prostate cancer, sigh. Well, without challenges, life would be boring, so I must look on the bright side. All in all, I have a good life. I should be happy with what I have, should everybody.

Links to my favorite things

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This site is great! It's one big virtual pie fight.
Lycos Mail
I love having lots of email addresses. This is great for free email.
Want a homepage? Tripod is a great place to get one.
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My    favorite    things:

   I love the internet sooooooooooo much! But I'm not obsessed or anything, 
I only spend 25 hours a day on it (just kidding).
   I love reading fantasy novels. I can just get away from the real world.
   Cats are my favorite animals. They relieve stress. They're nice too.
   Baseball is my favorite sport. I am a Cardinal fan through and through.
   I am learning how to play golf. Some of you may think it's boring, well
your right, but that's besides the point, it is really fun!
   I can't cook or clean, but I'm great at just sitting around.
   I want to be a doctor. Science is my best subject. I love human anatomy,
it's really cool!
   I really like nice people, but I hate rude, stuck-up, and over hyper
people that go around screeching. There are many girls at my school like that.
   Well, that's a little, well a lot, about me. I will tell anyone who wants
to know more about me anything, well, except for my address and phone number,
due to this strange urge to preserve my life, I dare not do so. Sorry :(
   Well, I'm sure anyone who has read this is bored, so I'll let you go.

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