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Last Updated:5/21/99
What's new- BIG NEWS: I've created a new homepage, which will gradually take the place of this one (actually, it has taken the place of this one, and I'd really like everyone that comes here to please go here instead. This new site has just about everything that this site has, but more, MUCH MUCH MUCH more. Please go here.

You   are   at   my   page,   so   your   punishment   must   be   to   read   about   my   life.

Hi! My name is Amber. I'm sixteen years old and in the ninth grade. I live in St. Louis, MO, you know, the city with the Arch. Go Cardinals! Go BIG MAC! I lead a pretty average life, but there are ALWAYS exceptions. I am the only child of divorced parents. When I'm not at school, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and being with my friends. I am a good student, and I THINK I am a pretty nice (if not sarcastic) person, too. Like I said, there always exceptions to a what seems to be a normal life. Those exceptions are two of my best friends, Maggie and Andrea. They keep life very, well, interesting. They both pursue life in very interesting fashions. We have fun. Sometimes I think I'm psychicly bonded to Andrea, or something (not that I definatly believe in that stuff, although some strange things have happened. For details e-mail me). Like all people, I have opinions, but unlike other people, mine are always the right ones :) Well, I suppose that is just my opinion, but it's right anyway. See! What did I tell you! My opinions are always the right ones! (whoa! those last sentences were like almost kinda paradoxical! Cool! Oh and no, my grammar is not really that bad.)
To describe myself a little, I'll start by saying that I have a interesting sense of humor (which is pretty evident if you look at my entire page). I'll also say that I am pretty daring, but can be very conservative if I must be. I won't say what I look like, because it shouldn't really matter, but for anyone who actually cares, I'll tell you that I am indeed drop dead gorgeous, but you'll have to e-mail me if you want details. All in all I'm fairly easy to get along with.
Oh, and I'm an aries
I love the internet! You can do anything on it. Well the whole constructing bombs and buying illegal firearms might not be the best thing... but there are lots of other really cool things you can do over it too! Like coming to my web page over and over and over again! I have a friend that learned to whistle over the internet, and I've learned a little sign langauge. I guess that's sort of impressive. Well, that's a little about me. Please contact me. I'm shy, so it's hard to make friends. Email me, I would really enjoy hearing from you!

Let's see... what's new with me... Well... School is almost out, only a little over a week left... I'm very happy, even though it seems like only yesterday I was a little eighth grader, now I'm almost a tenth grader. *freaky*
I've also made a new web page.

Daremore Quotes

It's time for Amber's Magical Quote Corner! YAY!

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again... or go home. Quitters are okay in my book. Why try something that is hopeless? That's my message to today's youth..."

"The early bird catches the worm.... HOLD THE PHONE!!! Let's get something straight here. I am not a bird, I have never been a bird, nor will I ever be a bird. And I definatly couldn't care less about who catches that disgusting worm, as long as it isn't me!"

"It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Wait a sec, that just doesn't sound right. It needs something. How about this: It is better to have loved, took them for every cent they had, and lost, than to have never loved at all."

"I think, therefore I am. Well, then how do you explain all the idiots in the world that hardly think? I know that they exist, since they annoy me every single day."

Well, that's all for today everybody. Bah Bie!

Tune in next month for.... Amber's magical quote corner, again, well new ones, but, well, I guess I'm not original enough to think of a new gag. Oh well. *SIGH*

oh, and if this is the first time you've been to my page, or if you haven't been here in a long time, then you probably haven't seen all my quotes. If you'd like, you can see them here

sleepy kitty While you are here at my web page... Take my senseless survey!
Amber's Sensless Survey!

And finally, I have the results from my first senseless survey!sleepy kitty

Survey Results

This is a picture of all of my best friends (but my friends Maggie and Edward aren't in it). Oh, and sorry it's a little blurry, my scanner isn't functioning at its fullest. :)
I now have a lot more pics... a whole album, at
my new page....

this is a picture of my best friends

I can't tell you who each person is (because Becca would be mad) but here are the names (in no particular order) Katie, me (Amber), Andrea-Maria, Kate, Maria (who isn't really my friend, but she was at Becca's birthday party, so she's in the picture...), Becca, Dale, Andrea (or Lui, as she is more frequently called), and Emily.

Some of My favorite links:

But be sure to bookmark this site (if you want to), or go to my
new site so you can come and visit all my links...

Here are some useful/ fun pages:

Virtual Pie in the Facewow
Ever wanted to hit someone in the face with a pie? Well, now is your chance.
This is where my friend Becca learned to whistle.
St. Louis Cardinals!!!
This is the St. Louis Cardinal homepage. They are the best team ever, with the best player ever, go Big Mac!
Six Flags Thrill Zone
This is the homepage of one of the best places on earth, Six Flags.
Search Engine Games
This place has some great ways to use search engines for fun!
For everyone that loves Jeopardy, this is the best site on the web to go to.
Erica's World
One day I was just surfing the web, and I stumbled apon "Erica's World". It's a great page with lots to do.
Missouri Youth in Government
Youth in Government has been one of the best experiences of my life... and this page tells all about it. :)
Endless Lovewow
This page is really for those you that love the TV show "Friends." If you do like "Friends" this probably one of the best sites on the web.
Virtual Dogswow
If you like virtual pets, then you must, and I repeat must go to this web site.
Test Junkie
Do you like taking tests and surveys online? This site has tons of tests, from IQ to personality. Most IQ tests say I'm above 130... anyways... =D new
I am a lover of books. This is the best bookstore in the whole wide world.
eBay new
eBay is an online auction, where you can get anything from anywhere. If you want it, someone is probably selling it somewhere on eBay.

These next pages belong to my friends.

Andrea's Pagewow
This is the type of person I hang out with, but please don't pass judgement on ME becuase of this (just kidding, Andrea, if you're out there).
Maggies's Page
This is my one of my good friend's pyschotic web page.
Maggie's other homepage
This is Maggie's very own page on tripod! I warn you that this could be a very scary page, though it's still a work in progress, so be cautioned. :)
Alex's Page
Alex is a friend of Edward's, and he's on Maggie's swim team. I've only met him twice, but he's really funny, and his page is hilarious.
Edward's Page
This is my friend Edward's Sherlock Holmes page. I'll reluctantly admit that it is pretty good.
Andrea's Page
This is another Andrea, not the one above. This is Maria Andrea's page. She's a ballerina and violinist.
Katie's Page
This is my friend Katie's page. She moved away this summer, we'll all miss her.
Emily's Page
This is my really good friend, Emily's page... I don't go to school with her now.... but we are still life long friends (sappy or what?).
Emily's other page new
This is Emily's other page. It's cute too.
My other friend, Emily's page new
This page belongs to my other friend, whose name also happens to be Emily. This Emily goes to school with me. Her page is also cute.

These are my pages, or pages related to my life, but don't let that stop you from going to them...

Amber's new page!
This is my brand new page, and I'd really rather people go there than stay here, cuz it's much better, and I'm tired of Tripod, so I'm switch. Thanks!
Visitation Academy's Page
This is my school's homepage.
Optimists, Pessimists, and Realists
Is the glass half full, or half empty? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? For these answers and more, visit this site.
My Magic: The Gathering page
If you like Magic: The Gathering, this isn't the worst site to go to. There are lots of links to good sites on it.
More about me
This is a more detailed autobiography (if anyone cares at all about my pathetic little life. I do have some really good links though....
The Page for Unpopular People
Are you unpopular? Then this site if for you!
note: this site is for fun, and not meant to be taken very seriously.
Amber's Realm of Enchantments
If you like fantasy, magic, and enchantment, please come to this site!
Rainbow BriteUnder Construction
Most of you have never heard of Rainbow Brite. This site wont interest most of you, but there might be a few people out there that remember Rainbow Brite, one of the best cartoons (and toys) of the 80's. This site is dedicated to her, because she was my favorite thing in the world when I was a child.
The Yigsters' Alexander the Great page
I had to do a group project for history class. This is what we came up with.
A&E's Friends Fanfic new
My friend Emily and I both love the show "Friends." We are so obsessed (and note, I use that word in it's best form), that we wrote some fan fiction, which is displayed on this page.
My adopted friends new
I love adopting animals and cute things over the internet. You should see this site, to see some of the cute animals I have.

And last but not least....

bookMy Guestbook!
Sign my guest book! PLEASE!!!!! You don't want to see me beg. I, like everyone else, love to get nice messages in my guestbook. It is so fun to sign guestbooks. You'll enjoy it. Go for it!

e-mail I want everyone to e-mail me. So what are you waiting for? Do it! E-Mail

my kitty, Maggie PieThese are my kitties that I adopted from Erica's WorldMy kitty, Little Lui

You can see more of my adopted friends and critters here

Even more about me! Here are some of my favorite things:

playful kitty

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A pic of my dad and I at the Father/ Daughter dance.

This is my dad and I at the Father/ Daugher dance. It was really fun, but unfortunatly, I was very sick at the time. When that picture was taken, I had a 103.5 fever... but I really wanted to go. I don't think I got anyone sick, either. We did have to leave early, though. ARGH. Why did my immune system pick that night to let down its deffenses?

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