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TOW Hawaii part 3


Well here it is, the final instalment of my Hawaii miniseries. If you have read the other two then dig in! If not I think you should because you will have no idea whatís going on. Enjoy!

[We see the gang on the plane back home. Monica and Chandler are in front, Ross and Rachel are behind them and last is Pheobie and Joey.]

Pheobie: Joey, speak to me, come on you said yourself that even thought you really like her that you knew she would end up with Ross.

Joey: I know but I hoped that maybe like Ross would get hit by a train or something...

Pheobie: JOEY!!!

Joey: Sorry Pheebs, I donít think I even felt this bad when I found out that Chandler was in love with Cathy. What am I supposed to do, just like forget about her and date other girls.

Pheobie: What did you do before?

Joey: Forget about her and date other girls and give the guy that I knew that would get her over me love advice to do it with!

Pheobie: Oh yeah that would be tough.

Joey: But before it was like oh ok I like her sheís hot so what you know. Now itís like Wow I like her and I still canít have her but this time I accually except that itís true.

Pheobie: Aww Joey, I wish I could do something, oh you know we could sleep together.

Joey: PHOEBIE!!!

Pheobie: Sorry but it helped Monica when she was down, you know I mean she slept with Chandler and then now look theyíre in love.

Joey: yeah. Wait no howíd you know???

Pheobie: Hey your ear to the wall spying method goes both ways. That was the topic of conversation for you and Rachel, oh yeah I meant to tell you or Rachel, that Mr. Big thing is gross. I mean you and Rachel talking about that is sick!

Joey: [laughing] Hey Monica said it first.

Pheobie: Oh you can laugh now.

Joey: yeah

Pheobie: Ok and one more thing, like the number of times that they went to get "dessert" and like went to bed early was disgusting. I mean I guess they love eathother, but really. Itís just weird Iím sure that you are used to it right.

Joey: Yeah

Pheobie: And one more thing. About Monica being in bed with Chandler in London and Ross came in and she hid under the covers, I mean GROSS! Like he was in there when his best friend and sister were like naked eeewww!


***Opening Credits****

Pheobie: Uh oh.

Monica: OH GOD!

Chandler: We were going to tell you guys to shut-up but we knew Rachel knew because of that night she was drunk and we thought Ross was asleep! Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!

Ross: You!!!! BING, you and sister, broke the code man!!!!

Chandler: Look Ross, Iím sorry man, I love her and she loves me. I couldnít help it. Your sister is the most incredible person that Iíve ever met. I love her so much. Sheís not prefect, but she perfect for me. You are going to have to deal with it. Sheís not mad that youíre going out with her best friend ok? So me a man about it!

Pheobie: Go Chandler! I didnít think you had it in you!

Monica: I did. [she kisses him]

Ross: Ewww, do you have to do that in front of me.

Monica: So does that mean itís ok?

Ross: How can I say no, you love him. [Chandler shakes Rosses hand but they pull into a hug.]

Chandler, if anything happeneds to her though, you will DIE!

Pheobie: This is so beautiful. Itís almost

All: NO!!!

[We see everyone but Joey in the girls apartment.]

Rachel: Iíll be back in a minute honey.

[she walks across the hall to the boyís apartment and walks into Joeyís room where he is unpacking.]

Rachel: Hey

Joey: Hey, I guess you heard in on the plane huh?

Rachel: Yeah, look Joey youíre really great, and Iím so sorry it didnít work out but I really donít want this to be the reason that itís awkward when weíre togehter, like when Ross and I broke up. Youíll find someone.

Joey: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: By the way I remember that day...where I was sitting on Monicaís couch and you tried to hit on me. And Monica said like she was mad because I had just ran out on my wedding. And you said, " oh like thereís a rule or something."

[She leaves. Joey notices everyone else in the doorway with their ears to the door. Ross is behind, sitting in the hall, Rachel helps him up. Rachel goes into her apartmnet and they all go in a hug Joey. Once they all leave Pheobie is left with Joey.]

Joey: Well I have to call my sister and pay her for taking care of the duck and little Yasmine.

Pheobie: Yeah.

Joey: What?

Pheobie: Hmmm...I know what we can do with this whole mess.

Joey: What?

Pheobie: We can write our own Dr. Seus book for adults about it!

Joey: Accually I think youíre better off with the "My Mom is Dead in the kitchen" theme.

Pheobie: really?

Joey: Yeah.

Pheobie: Oh to make you feel better I bought you something in Hawaii, but you canít tell Chandler.

Joey: Oh? What is it.

[Pheobie leaves and comes back with a bag.]

Pheobie: Itís a 4 tape set of baywatch epsides that never aired, scenes that were not aproperiate to air and interviews and pictures and scams and between scenes stuff.

Joey: WOW!!!!! Thanks Pheebs!!! This is so COOL!!!!!

Pheobie: Oh but donít let the animals watch it, it might be to adult.

Joey: Right.


[Monica peekes her head in the door]

Monica: Weíre ordering Pizza, you guyís in?

Joey: yeah.

[They exit and go into the girls apartment]

Rachel: So then Chandler said he loved you go on...

Monica: I donít think Ross wants to hear this stuff.

Rachel: Why would you say that?

Chandler: Because heís scrunched up his face, he has his hands over his ears and is with out realizing it or subconsciously is singing "Baby Beluga".

Rachel: Oh well tell me all the details later ok?

Monica: ok

Chandler: While Ross is still in this state...[he kisses Monica]

Joey/Pheebs/Rachel: AWWWW!

Ross: Ewwww, I come out of my shell just in I can handle this, Iím one of the gang, ok whatís Monicaís nick name?

[Monica looks at Chandler]

Chandler: Man, you really donít want to know.

Ross: Ok, fine. Resume cuddling. Iíll just order the pizza.

Pheobie: Oh yeah, ok Joey got his gift so do you guys want yours?

Rachel: Pheebs you didnít have to do this. But if you wanted to bring on the presents! [Ross looks at her]. What?

[Pheobie disapears into Monicaís room and comes back with some shopping bags.]

Pheobie: Ok Joey got his present, to which Chandler can share I guess. [Joey showed off his gift]

Chandler: Wow not fair!

Phoebie: Hold on Bing! For you, I got Yasmine Bleethís autograph. It says I believe, " To Chandler Bing, Iím glad youíre such a fan. Good luck wiyh your girlfriend."

Joey: Hey!

Pheobie: Yours is autographed too. And Chandler I also have for you this real set of baywatch swimming suits for you and Monica, these are worth a lot.

Chandler: Wow! How did you get these? They are signed too.

Pheobie: Oh yeah cousin works on the set or something. They were filming in Hawaii while we were there so I went to see him. I donít brag about it because itís a sexest show that is degrading to women. Enjoy! Oh yeah Joey this chick there was intersted in you when she saw your picture so I gave her your number. !


Pheobie: Ross, Since you went with me to the Baywatch thing and didnít drool but thought it was repulsive you get a this not only your own Rafi tape to burn, but you get the lyrics too. Since that was cheep you get this palenotology book

Chandler: Ross got to go!

Ross: Cool! Iíll have a lot of fun with this stuff.


Pheobie: Well Mr. Bing you were busy having dessert at the time. Rachel, you get this manicure set, with all these tool things, and this book "Gossiping Secrets, when to when not to and how to stop".

Rachel: Thanks.

Chandler: Man...

Pheobie: Monica, I saved you for last because...Wow this is weird I feel like the Wizard of OZ. Anyway this isnít just for you if you know what I mean. Itís a toaster!

Monica: Wow this is a nice one! Iíll treasure it always!!!

Rachel: Thatís good, our toaster broke.

Pheobie: Oh...yeah...right...I forgot [she glances at monica]

Ross: Ok Iím going to get the pizzas now, Rachel wanna come?

Rachel: Ok.

Monica: Chandler and I will stay here. I have to unpack...

Joey: Umm...Pheobie lets leave them alone, Iíve heard about the way Monica unpacks.

Pheobie: Ok you guys all go I have to get the reciept for the toaster for Monica. [Everyone leaves Pheobie walks to the closed door. Monica and Chandler stand up.]

Monica: Pheobie, that was the perfect gift.

Chandler: A Baywatch toaster. I love it. [Monica punches his arm lightly]

Pheobie: I thought it was perfect you know considering.

Monica: Yup. [she talkes something out of her pocket. The audience canít see what it is so we assume it is something for Pheobie but Pheobie walks out of the door.]

Monica: Well letís unpack. I love you Mr. Chandler Bing.

Chandler: I love you Mrs. Monica Bing![they kiss]

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