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TOW Hawaii part 2


Ok this is Hawaii part 2. Since you read part one, lets get right into it. Enjoy!

[We see everone on the beach. Rachel is lying out in a bikini tanning on a towel under and umbrella. Joey is tanning next to her. Ross is reading a book. Pheobie is in the ocean.]

Pheobie: Come on little ocean friends I want to help you.

Chandler: Hi guys, weíre here.

Monica: I um...couldnít find my bathing suite.

Joey: Lucky Chandler was there.

Pheobie: Come on in you guys, the water feels great.


Chandler: why not?

Monica: Iíve had bad experiences with the ocean.

Chandler: Come on just try it. Iím sure that there are no jellyfish and if you get stung then Iím pee ready.

Monica: [laughing] I donít think so.

Chandler: Iíll carry you.

Monica: ok, pick me up.

Pheobie: Hi guys, wooo Chandler holding Monica, you guys are lucky Ross is so absorbed in that stupid reserch book. You know Iím glad that you guys decided to come in because after I told the others how we dump all that junk in the ocean they didnít want to come in. But we must come in, we must save the beluga whales!!!!!

[When Pheobie said how weíve dumped junk in the ocean Chandler drops Monica in the water.]

Monica: Aaahhh! Chandler!!!

***Opening Credits***

Chandler: Iím so sorry, please donít be mad.

Monica : Youíre gonna get it! [She jumps on him which forces him under water. Im a few seconds they both come up. Chandler starts to swim, and Monica swims after him. He runs out of the ocean and falls on his towel. Monica falls on him.]

Joey: Wow! Remind me to drop you in the ocean. Iíd like to pay for it like that.

Monica: I donít think so, but now Iím wet, Joey why donít you take Chandler in Iím going to talk to Rachel, could you guys tell Pheobie to come talk to us and could you hand me the suntan lotion.

Joey: Sure, come on Mr. Big. [Chandler and Monicaís mouths drop open and Chandler chases Joey into the ocean.]

Pheobie: Hey Rach. and Monica, so whatís going on?

Monica: Nothing much, howís rooming with Ross going.

Pheobie: Awful! He doesnít like anything! Iíd rather share with you. Howís rooming with Chandler going, flirty brain?

Monica: I am not. Weíre close friends thatís all.

Rachel: Sure. Thatís why you got one bed for you guys.

Monica: I t was there mistake. I certainly didnít want it to happen.

Rachel: You like it and you know it.

Monica: I wouldnít be talking Rachel.

Pheobie: Ooooooh, what happened to Rachel.

Monica: Rachel kissed Joey 3 times!

Pheobie: WHAT???

Rachel: I was drunk, come on you guys you know I didnít know what I was saying or doing, I did some stuff I didnít mean, right MONICA.

Monica: oh er...yeah I remember...yeah you were drunk

Rachel: I was throwing up for like 2 hours, I was so disgusting, I washed my mouth and I was flushes and sweaty and my hair was in knots and I had been crying so my eyes were puffy. I was ugly, I was so gross so Joey tied up my hair and hugged me and say I was pretty and danced with me.

Monica: He danced with you.

Rachel: Yes he was being a good friend.

[We cut to Joey and Chandler in the water]

Joey: Niiiice, did she wear this bikini

Chandler: Nope! This one was so small, I almost like fainted, sheís so hot.

Joey: Wow

Chandler: So howíd you deal with Rachel, you know she was really drunk and all.

Joey: I donít know, she wanted to do stuff, but I pushed her away and said I know she didnít want to do this she was just drunk.

Chandler: You pusher her away?

Joey: Three times, I wouldnít have been able to live with myself, sheís supposed to be with Ross anyway even if I have liked her for a while it doesnít matter, you know? She will never like me but I think being friends with her is cool, right?

Chandler: Yeah, you did a good think man, 3 times.

Joey: Yeah I did didnít I .

[We cut to Rachel and Joeyís room, Rachel is on her bed and Joey is sitting on his.]

Rachel: Thanks by the way.

Joey: For what?

Rachel: For last night, I was really drunk and down about everything, you really made me feel better. You know telling me I was pretty and dansing with me even though I was a mess.

Joey: Oh, I really thought you were pretty.

Rachel: Joey, I was like disgusting. Anyway thereís another thing. I tried to, you know, like 3 times and you said no, that was really just like wow. You know a lot of guys would have, you know, but you didnít even thought I was persistent. Thanks a lot.

Joey: Sure [they hug]. So what now?

Rachel: Well we are in the middle room.

Joey: so...

Rachel: We can hear what is happening in the other rooms.

Joey: I like the way you think. [they both rush to the wall that connects to Chandler and Monicaís room and put there ears to it.]

Rachel: Wow, they really love each other donít they?

Joey: Yeah, hey theyíre going to the lobby for a romantic lunch lets...hmm

Rachel: They have a window seat itís on the ground level, and there are bushes by the window...

Joey: You think like a pro, lets go!


[We cut to the restaurant. We see Chandler and Monica through a window. We see the back of Joey and Rachelís heads as the rest of them is in the bushes.]

Rachel: This is so cute, I canít believe two people can connect like that.

Joey: [looking at Rachel] Yeah

Rachel: Look, theyíre laughing, and Monica is blushing. Aww so is Chandler. [Rachel falls on her side into Joeyís lap. The sound is loud enought to rustle the bushes and causes Monica and Chandler to hear. They are done with theyíre lunch and run outside.]

Rachel: We have to get out. We have to think fast, Joey think of something. Here they come. [Joey has his back to the outside and he bends over to kiss Rachel so Monica and Chandlker canít see who it is.]

Monica: Iíd recognize that back anywhere, Joey what are you doing here.

Chandler: Making out with a chick in the bushes, niiiiiiiice!

Rachel: [they canít see her, because remember her head is on Joeyís knees and Joeyís facing the wall. In a southern voice she says] Hi, Iím Sianna. Who are you folks to interupt my date with this fine man?

Monica: Sorry Sianna, Come on Chandler. Letís get some desert.

Chandler: But we had chocolate cake. Oh yeah...I think we should.

[They leave and Rachel sits up. Joey helps her stand and they go up to theyíre room.]

Rachel: Now I have to change from these stained clothes.[ Rachel; changes into some very short white jean shorts and a purple tank top that shows her stomach. She is really tan by now, Joey is too. Because of theyíre dark skin they tan easily.]

Rachel: Well these are a little short but I think they fit ok.

Joey: oh they fit.

[ Later, Joey and Rachel go down to meet everyone in the game room.]

Ross: If I hear Rafi one more time Iím gonna die! Pheobie is insane!

Pheobie: I am not. I was just upset about that Moby Dick thing. Itís like frolic and play with the ocean creatures but if you surface then weíre going to shoot you with harpoons to kill, stuff and sell youíre part for money, k?

Ross: I canít take it anymore!!!

Pheobie: Ok fine, but if you turn your back on mother nature then she turns her back on you!

Ross: Pheebs, itís not that itís just that your, your, your not good for my rage.

Pheobie: Oh?

Ross: Just lay off the Rafi ok?

Pheobie: Ok, but one last thing, ok so youíre an octopus right, so according to Rafi you have to let people into your garden, like hi people my kids are here want the grand tour or what?

Monica: Rachel and Pheobie, did you guys want to get that shopping in?

Rachel: Yeah

Pheobie: Sure, letís go, wait. HEY BUDDY, yeah you? What are you going to do with that platic can holder when youíre done with that six pack?!!. Hey! Tale that out of the trash can and shred it up!!! The little fishes get stuck in those you littering pig!!!!!

Rachel: OK honey, youíre going to have to lay off.

Pheobie: ok, just getting it out of my system.

[The girls leave. Chandler and Ross look at Joey.]

Ross: Joey, Joe, Joseph

Chandler: Joe-a- rino , so making out with a girl in the public bushes, how did it happen?

Joey: guys itís not as big a deal as you think.

Ross: Yeah man I wish I did that. I wish I was there to do what you were there to do.

Joey: [thinking of how they went there to spy on Monica and Chandler] man you really donít. You really donít.

Chandler: She had a southern accent, she sounded hot.

Joey: oh she was.

Ross: Was she fast moving?

Joey: Umm...only when sheís drunk.

Ross: Wow she was drunk, sound like my kinda girl. [Chandler laughs]

Joey: More so then you think.

Chandler: Her name was Sianna

Ross: Wow. Are you guys going out?

Joey: Well we kinda never were.

Chandler: Niiiiiiice!!!

Joey: guys Iíd rather not talk about it if you donít mind.

Ross: Why did you break up?

Joey: kinda

[We cut to later when Joey and Pheobie and Rachel eating in the café]

Pheobie: So is Sianna a good kisser?

Joey: What???

Pheobie: Well I kinda heard, so how is she? I s she nice? What does she look like?

Joey:ís...sheís so hot! I kinda have met her before, in fact the first time I saw her I said, "How you doiní"

Pheobie: Really?

Joey: Oh yeah , but sheíd just gotten out of a relationship and she was like almost in a wedding dress.

Rachel: [softly] Oh yeah I had forgotten.

Pheobie: What?

Rachel: nothing. So Joey she was that pretty huh?

Joey: oh yeah. But sheís ment to be with someone else. Sheíd supposed to be with a Ross type guy.

Pheobie: Aw poor Joey, well thatís ok. Whatís she look like?

Rachel: I gotta go meet Ross, he wants me to go shoppping with him, so bye guys.

Pheobie: bye, so what does she look like Joey?

Joey: Well her parents are divorced, sheís tan, thin, beautiful, layered brown hair and eyes, rich, sheís crazey when drunk...

Pheobie: Doesnít ring a bell...


Phoebie: Ooh, Ooh, you were making out with Rachel in the bushes!!!!! Oh my God!!!

Joey: No! Itís not like that at all. We were in the bushes spying on Monica and Chandlerís lunch, they were flirting majorly. Rachel fell and they heard. I bent over and kissed her so Chandler and Monica didnít see her face and wouldnít know we were spying. Since they couldnít see her they assumed it was someone else and well...Iím Joey, I make out with women in public bushes.

Pheobie: Oh I get it. If you told Chandler or Monica they would have known you two were spying. If you told Ross he would get mad Chandler for you know, being with Monica and he would have killed you also because you were sober and kissing Rachel. I found the plot!!!

Joey: Exactly!


Pheobie: Tought break, oh well theyíll never find out.

Joey: Pheebs, this is Rachel! Itís like taking a megaphone, going onto the roof and saying "Hey everyone I kissed Rachel."

[We see Monica, Chandler, and Rachel behind them.]

Monica: You!!! You were spying on us!!!!!

Joey: Uh...Rachel and I are sorry

Chandler: Rachel? I thought you [looking at Rachel] said it was Joey and Sianna.

Rachel: [in the southern voice she used for Sianna] Well honey, you know Sianna a little better then you thought.

Pheobie: Surprise!

Monica: Oh My God! How could you guys do this, you were totally invading our privacy!


Rachel: Look Monica weíre really sorry, weíll never do it again.

Joey: NEVER!

Chander: Wait, wait, hold on a second, if Rachel was Sianna, then Joey was kissing Rachel in the bushes and they were both sober!

Joey: I didnít want you guys to know it was us.

Monica: Why didnít you cover yourself and let us think it was Rachel?

Joey: I donít know.

Monica: Rachel you can go, weíre not mad at you, just donít do it again.

Rachel: Come on Pheobie, lets get out of here.

Pheobie: No wait, this is just getting good.

Monica: MOVE IT!!!

Pheobie: Yes mam.

Monica: Joey, you like Rachel

Joey: Do not, just thought Iíd through it in.

Chandler: He does.

Monica: Iím sorry, I didnít realize, and you still pushed her away three times that night, and you liked her?

Joey: Well yeah.

Monica.: Thatís so sweet...Joey...and thatís why you danced with her...Joey I had no idea you were so sweet.

Joey: Yeah itís kinda embarrassing, so do you mind saying it more quietly.

Chandler: So are we still mad at him?

Monica: Nah, just donít do it again.

Chandler: You may go now Joseph. So Monica, do think Joey is better then me now that you know he can be nice.

Monica: No way! I love you, [they kiss].

Chandler: Good because I love you. Hey, is that Ross kissing Rachel!!!!!!!

Monica: I donít know? OH MY GOD! IT IS!!!!

[Monica and Chandler go out to the patio. Joey and Pheobie walk up to them too.]

Pheobie: Is it true?

Rachel: Yes, we decided it was childish and that maybe we were on a break or maybe not but that was a fight and we love each other, and when you are in love it shouldnít matter.

Chandler: Wow [he puts his arm around Monica]

Ross: So we go back tomorrow and I guess Pheebs can switch with Rachel for tonight. I love you Rachel.

Rachel: I love you Ross!

[The other 4 walk away.]

Joey: I know what you guys are thinking. Itís fine with me because I always knew she belonged with Ross, right. I said that a bunch of times.

Monica: Chocolate or Vanilla.

Joey: I think I need all 31 flavors.

***To Be Continued****

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