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TOW Hawaii part1

OK, I'm making the short, because even I don't read read that long stuff at the begining. So Chandler and Monica are a couple, Joey knows and all, Rachel knows too but only Joey knows she knows. Enjoy!
[Everyone is in the girls apartment, Rachel bursts in and slams the door. Chandler and Mon. are on the couch (of course), Ross is in the char, and Pheebs and Joey are kneeling on the floor looking through a box.]
[Rachel slams the door and throws her purse on the table.]
Chandler: It isn't a beautiful day in the neighborhood is it neighbor. [Rachel gives him a mean look.] Ok anyone else want to try...
Monica: What's wrong Rachel? Your parent visitations didn't go well?
Rachel: No! They say they both want to see me but they can't stop arguing themselves! Mommy said she would give me a new outfit, Daddy said he would give me 2, then mommy said she would give me a trip to Canada with her, she didn't tell daddy it was for a funeral, and Daddy said he would give me a trip to Hawaii! Err, they make me so mad!!!
Chandler: Oh how awful, a trip to Hawaii, I would hate 'em.
Monica: No honey er...whatever, Rachel is mad because this trip isn't because they want her to go on a trip it's a competition , and they're offering her things to side with them. She can't go , it would show she is accepting that they are both trying to buy her out and can't get along.
Rachel: and then Mommy said she would give me the trip only for 4 and then Daddy said for 5 and then they said they would pay for it together for 6 but then they argued on what they were each going to pay for!
Joey: A trip to Hawaii for 6, well you know...your parents made sacrifices for you when you were little and you should show you appreciate it buy going and maybe taking us in the process...
Monica: Joey! Way to sudle!
Pheobie: If we went then you could go to Hawaii and you could get away form your parents for a while.
Rachel: Ok I'll go, I'll call Daddy now.[everyone stares at her] Of course I'm inviting you guys
Chandler and Joey: YES!!!! We're goin' to Hawaii, we're going to Hawaii [Chandler does his happy danse and Joey danses too. Chandler pulls Monica up on the coffee table with him, but she kicks off her shoes first. Joey pulls Pheobie up from the floor and she danses with them. Ross lookes at Rachel like, oh my god we don't know them.]
***Opening Credits***
[we see the girls apartment covered in luggage. Monica is in her room and Rachel is in her room. Chandler opens the door and tip toes in to Monica's room. He sneaks up behind her and kisses her.]
Chandler: Boo.
Monica: Hi
Chandler: You saw me didn't you?
Monica: Yeah. Hey hand me that bikini, and the plastic bag with my toothpaste in on the dresser. [Chadler pickes up the stuff, his mouth drops open and he does a silent YES! when he sees how small the string bikini is, but Monica doesn't see because her back is turned]
Chandler: A string bikini, planning a trip to the hotel hot tub?
Monica: Maybe...
Chandler: Really? And is anyone else invited?
Monica: Maybe...It's kind of a private party.
Chandler: Hmm...sounds like my kind of party. [He kisses her]
Monica: There's a hot tub in our room. It's pretty might have to crash...
Chandler: Yes! Wait our room?
Monica: Ooops! Rachel told me not to tell, but it's like the most expensive luxery hotel in that part in Hawaii, and they only could reserve 3 suites.
Chandler: And we're sharing...[smiling]
Monica: Well...we're going to draw out of a hat, I made thing with everyone's name. So, all you have to do is draw first, draw the one with the pink heart in the corrner.
Chandler: Fixing the drawing, I like the way you think. [ He kisses her and they walk out of the room and everyone is there, Rachel apparently just told them about the drawing.]
Ross: Well I'm not sharing with Monica...
Rachel: Me either...
Pheobie: Me either...why do you think I moved out.
Monica: Relax you guys, ok only 3 of you have to draw so, Chandler go first. [Chandler draws the one with the pink heart in the corner.]
Chandler: Monica [everyone lets out of breath of relief.]
Joey: Chandler and Monica sharing a hotel room, with a hot tub. What are the odds? [Chandler shows him the pink heart without anyone else seeing it.]
Ross: I think Chandler should draw again...
Monica: All drawings are final...So go Ross. [Ross takes out a card and hits his forehead with his hand.]
Ross: Pheobie
Pheobie: Oh this will be so fun, we can look at the box of my stuff my grandma found that was my mom's. We can read all the Dr. Seus books and listen to all the Rafi tapes! And since you don't believe in all my aura stuff I can teach you!
Ross: God help me!
Chandler: You do not eat green eggs and ham, sorry sorry Sam I am!
Ross: Shut-up Bing!
Rachel: Well Joey, looks like we're roomies.
Joey: Niiiiiiiice!
*** Commercial Break***
[ We cut to a scene with them on the plane. Chandler and Monica are sitting together. Chandler has his arm around her. Behind them are Rachel and Joey who are talking. Behind them are Ross and Phoebie.]
Pheobie: "I will not eat them in a train, I will not eat them in the rain..."
Ross: [hitting his head with his hand] There is no God. If there is where the hell is he?!!!
Rachel: [wispering] So, how did they end up sharing?
Joey: Monica put a pink heart thing in the corner of her name card. All he had to do was pick it.
Rachel: [very loudly] Awww that is too cute!!!
Monica: What are you guys talking about?
Rachel: animals. Joey just said how he um...saw baby bunnies in the bushes of the airport, so we're talking animals...yeah
Chandler: To many comments at once...must pick one...Joey talking about baby animals...can't sort them all...the moment has past...NOOO!!!!!
Monica: [she laughs] I like a man in touch with is feminine side-
Chandler: Who runs in the fields with bunnies, and the chipper chipmunks, wait no! Bambie! Noooooo! [Monica and Chandler start laughing. Rachel hold Joey back in his chair.]
Pheobie: Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, these little children are asking you who don't have dead parents in the kitchen, too, to please come out so they can play with you...
Ross: [he half heard what the others said] Tell me Pheebs, have you ever seen Bambie?
Pheobie: Not all of it, no, why?
Ross: [looks up at the ceiling and starts a loud evil laugh.] While you are in this mood why don't we make an appoint to watch treat, a thank you for these wonderful...umm...these songs and books.
Pheobie: ok
Ross: [evilly] goood.
[We cut to the hotel. We seen a luxery resort. Everyone is in a hall.]
Rachel: Ok Chandler and Monica have 563, Joey and I have 564, and Ross you and Pheebs have 565.
Monica: Lets unpack! [Everyone goes into there rooms.]
Chandler: Ok I know how important unpacking is to you so you can unpack me too if you want. [he puts the luggage down. Monica throws the suitcase she was holding on the floor, grabs Chandler and kisses him.]
Chandler: I like unpacking with you. [he kisses her again, and we fade out into Joey and Rachel's room.]
Rachel: Well that tales care of throwing my stuff in drawers. So it's evening. You wanna go get some drinks?
Joey: Cool! I think Iíll get a Pina Colada. Usually I'm a beer kinda guy but we're in Hawaii, the coconuts and pineapples and ingredients are real!
Rachel: Oh really?
Joey: No accually it makes me look sophisticated.
Rachel: I thought so. [they lock up and go down to the lobby.]
[We see Ross and Pheobie. Ross is neatly putting away his stuff. ]
Ross: ok lets get some dinner, Monica said to meet her at 9:07 in the lobby.
Pheobie: ok.
[We see everyone but Rachel sitting in a corrner booth. They look full like they just ate. Rachel come up drunk with 2 guys, one on each side.]
Rachel: Everyone this is Jack and Jason, Jack invented the fork, isn't that cool!
***Commercial Break****
Chandler: ok, well you guys can deal with this, I'm tired, Monica are you tired too?
Monica: Why yes I think I need to go to sleep in our we have 2 of them...2 [she holds up 2 fingers]
Ross: [not listening] ok....peace to you to [Chandler and Monica leave, Pheobie stands up.]
Pheobie: Ok Rachel say good bye to the nice guys. She on medication [pheobie points to her head. The guys leave quickly.] Ok well Ross let's go up, we can order Bambie!
Joey: Ross!!!
Ross: Hehehe , Pheobie hasn't seen the whole movie.
Joey: Ross this isn't nice, but I guess she has to learn sometime, you have tissues don't you?
Ross: It's a thank you for the wonderful song she sang on the plane...[they leave too.]
Joey: ok Rachel lets go upstairs now, come on lets walk...
Rachel: Woo hoo the room is spinning...Hi Ross.
Joey: I think you had a little to much to drink. Come on walk in the elevator.
Rachel: It goes up and down. [she laughs. Joey leads her to they're room and closes the door. Rachel sits on her bed.] Come here Joey. [He walks over and she kisses him.]
Joey: Rach. As pretty as you are, you're drunk, and I know you don't want to do this.
Rachel: Yes I do. [She kisses him again, and pulls him next to her. She climbs onto him. Joey pushes her off and stands up.]
Joey: Rachel as much as I really want to do this you don't. So I'm not gonna. [he makes a disappointed but an " I know I did right, even thought I'm pretty stupid" face.]
[Chandler and Monica knock. Joey opens the door.]
Joey: How do you manage her when she drunk Monica?
Monica: It's not that hard Joey, she's harmless.
Joey: oh yeah harmless...
Rachel: I know about you guys...I know you looooove each other. [she does a drunk laugh] You've been doing it since London. [Monica looks at Chandler].
Monica: Rachel you're drunk, you don't know what you're saying. [She and Chandler leave quickly ]
Rachel: Finally they're gone, I have you all to my self. [she kisses Joey agin and he pushes her off. Rachel falls down on the floor. She looks confused, and she runs to the bathroom.]
[We fade out and in it's clearly been a while. We see there room. Joey is laying on his bed, Rachel is still in the bathroom, the light in the bathroom is on ant the door is a crack open. It's 2:30. The room is dim, only Joey reading light is on. Joey walks in the bathroom. We see Rachel kneeling on the floor by the toilet. She's sweating, her eyes are read and puffy, her cheeks are flushed. Her shirt is exposing her shoulder. She is crying.]
Joey: Done throwing up?
Rachel: [crying] Look at me. I'm weak, I've been throwing up for like hours and I'm flushed, sweaty my hair is in knots. I'm a mess, I'm so sorry Joey [she cries harder. He reaches out his hand to her and she stands up, wobbling. Joey takes her scrunchie and puts up her hair. Rachel leans over the sink, uses her mouthwash and splashes her face with cold water. She walks it the other room and puts her short boxers on under her skirt and her t-shirt that shows her stomach on. She throws her clothes in the trash, and starts to fall. Joey grabs her arm and walks with her. They walk back to Rachel bed. Rachel gives Joey a big hug and burries her head in his shoulder, and cries harder. He sits her on her bed.]
Rachel: I don't think I've been that sick since I had the stomach flu in 5th grade. [she takes a tissue and wipes off her sweaty face. Look at me Joey I'm so ugly I'm a mess. How did I let myself get like this?
Joey: Rachel. You're not ugly. [he turns on the radio to a classsical station. He gets up off his bed and stands by hers. Reaching out to her...] May I have this dance?
Rachel: Joey I just spent like 2 hours throwing up, I'm all sweaty and ugly you don't want to dance with me.
Joey: No I do, Rach. I always thought you were beautiful.
Rachel: Really?
Joey: Yup, now will you danse with me or do I have to retreat to the corner of the room, and never ask a girl to danse for the rest of the night. [Rachel smiles and stands up. They dance to a slow song, and then Joey helps Rachel to her bed and she falls asleep. He covers her with a sheet, and goes to his bed and falls asleep. The room's lights get dimmer so you can't see anything and we fad out.]
[It's morning everyone is at the breakfast buffet. Monica is very happy.]
Monica: So how did everyone sleep?
Ross: What sleep? All I heard was Pheebs say, "No hunter, take me not the deer."
Pheobie: He shot her, the hunter shot the Mommy.
Joey: Ross I see you went with Bambie.
Ross: Pheobie, it's it happens all the time, like in The Land Before Time, the mom gets killed too.
Pheobie: She dies? My mom always said she turnes into an angel to guide Little Foot.
Ross: And how do you think she gets to be an angle?
Pheobie: oh my god that is so sad! But we can help! Ross has opened my eyes, I'm starting a campain to save the forest creatures!!!
Ross: [looking up] Damn you, Damn you all! [He hits his head with his hand.]
Chandler: ok, so how did you sleep Rachel?
Rachel: Very well thanks to Joey!
Ross: WHAT?????
***To be continued. Closing credits***
[Scene after the credits. We see the group in Ross and Pheobies room. Pheobie puts a tape in the recorder. It is Rafi.]
Pheobie: Ok this will help in my save the ocean part of the campaign..
Recorder: Baaaaby Beluga, Baaaaby Beluga...
Ross: Oh God what have I done?!
handler: You don't like baby Beluga?
Ross: Accually that used to be Monica's area.
[Monica punches his shoulder]

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