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Hi, this site is under major consturction, so just know that this page will be much better than this in the future.


Hi, this page is devoted to my little fire lizards.
Fire lizards are magical creatures from a world called Pern. They are much like dragons, though they are much, much, smaller. When fire lizards are born, they can impress with one human, though a human can impress with any number of fire lizards (I have three).
Fire lizards come in assorted colors and sizes. There are the queens who are gold. Then come the bronzes who are always male. Then the brown, who are also always males. Blue are next, and, guess what... also always males! Then come the smallest (cutest) of all the fire lizards, the green. Green fire lizards are always female. There are a few exceptions to the color rule (there are sometimes white ones), but that hardly ever happens.

Fire lizards are usally nice little things (though they can create some major commotions at times), and some of them like to sing (hum, close enough). Also, fire lizards' eyes change color, depending on their moods (kinda like a mood ring...), but I don't know what color for what moods, though I'll look into that....
Well, that's a little about fire lizards.

Here is a selection from Anne McCaffrey's (one of the best authors ever) book, Dragon Singer, Volume two of The Harper Hall Trilogy.

"The little queen all golden Flew hissing at the sea,
To stop each wave
Her clutch to save
She ventured bravely.

As she attacked the sea in rage
A holderman came nigh
Along the sand
Fishnet in hand
And saw the queen midsky.

He stared at her in wonder
For often he'd been told
That such as she
Could never be
Who hovered ther, bright gold.

He saw her plight and quickly
He looked up the cliff he faced
And saw a cave
Above the wave
In shich her eggs he placed.

The little queen all golden
Upon his shoulder stood
Her eyes all blue
Glowed of her ture Undying gratitude."

Here are some pictures of my little friends.

This is my fire lizard, Eshiala. She is the queen. She is very possessive of me, and doesn't let either of my other two fire lizards sit on my shoulder, because that is her special spot.

This little guy is Spiral (don't ask me what possessed me to name him that). Spiral is always getting into trouble. He's curious about everything. He can be quite a pain sometimes, but he is a sweetie.

This is Little Lily. She's the sweetest of my fire lizards. She likes to sleep right next to me at night.

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